Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The American Religion

The central tenets of the American religion are these:
1. If you can get rich, you should.
2. You can get rich.
We have churches dedicated to these beliefs, for which there is no evidence (you have to take it on faith). There is a whole mass media dedicated to this religion, including "Think and Grow Rich", which sold 70 million copies and somehow did not end the depression. Every presidential election (the election of the new priest of America) has one major candidate which promotes this religion.
And this religion has their sinners: the poor. They are the ones who, according to this faith, reject wealth and then demand to be assisted because of their own decision. And these sinners try to make the faithful guilty for their "filthy, disgusting" lives. So they are forced by this religion to live a hell on earth by increasing their poverty and pouring shame upon them.
Reject this religion. Be freed from it's condemnation of those who are not rich, which likely includes you. Recognize that being rich or poor is chance, more than anything else, and that the poor have the responsibility to work on surviving and the wealthy have the responsibility to be grateful and to help those who have fewer resources than they.

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