Sunday, December 17, 2017

Experience Jesus Today

Jesus seemed really cool, dying for us and all, when he was a long time ago
But I don’t appreciate him in my neighborhood.

First thing, he tells a guy with AIDS that he’s healed.
I mean, you KNOW what that guy is going to do and pretty soon it’s disease everywhere.

He tells a couple people who have local markets to quit and become mystics.
Great.  Where am I going to get my fish now?  They had good fish.

He walks into a mental health ward, says some mumbo jumbo and then sets them all free,
Telling them to go downtown and tell everyone what God did for them.
So the town is full of psycho fanatics now.

Worst of all, he went to every drunken bum, every lazy chick in an RV, every single mom on welfare, every illegal stealing jobs from good folks and he told them that the mayor is a rat, the local CEOs are immoral, the bishops are corrupt and that THEY should be in charge instead.
I mean, I don’t like the mayor either,
But what I hate
Really HATE
Is to see these good-for-nothings walking around town as if they own it.

I preferred it when Jesus was meek and mild.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Weather Conditions

Some are Tornadoes, sucking all things toward themselves, because of their deep inner need. They leave destruction wherever they step.
Some are Hurricanes, who destroy broadly because of their rage against "evildoers". Many honor them because of their clear divisions and because they have a calm center. They ignore the massive body count.
But there are also Clouds who spread little pieces of themselves as far as they can, sustaining life. They know that life is short, so they never cease their work until there is nothing left of them.
I love hanging with Clouds. They have the best parties.