Sunday, August 11, 2013

Twelve Ethical Principles I Believe In

1.  I believe in freedom
To grant everyone the God-given freedom they have to make their own choices, even if poor

2.  I believe in tolerance.
Accepting that others believe differently than I and act differently than I, while I'll still stand firm in who Jesus gave me to be.

3.  I believe in responsibility
Whatever results from our actions, I resolve to deal with the negative results and make them positive

4.  I believe in community
In whatever community I live in, I resolve to live by the principles of that community, even if uncomfortable or difficult.

5.  I believe in faithfulness 
I will keep my word and my loyalties in relationship

6.  I believe in doing no harm 
In as much as I am able, I will never, under any circumstances, damage another.

7.  I believe in the Golden Rule
I will treat others with the same amount of respect, love, care, compassion, and consideration that I would be treated.

8.  I believe in compassion
I try to put myself in the other person’s need, and then try to meet it

9.  I believe in generosity
I try to never keep anything for myself that someone else needs more

10.  I believe in self-sacrifice
I meet other’s needs even if it means to sometimes not meet my own

11.  I believe in courage
I will stand up for Jesus and His gospel in all situations, especially with other believers

12.  I believe in grace
In as much as God gives me the grace to do so, I will always give a person another chance.

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