Sunday, August 25, 2013

I Wish Jesus Was Old

Jesus is my Lord and my guide, my King and Teacher.  Every important principle for my life I learned from him and from those who took following him seriously: Paul the Apostle, Francis of Assisi, Dorothy Day, and others.  Jesus is the only true teacher, the only one who knows the reality behind the screen, and he showed us much about living life.

At the same time, I am realizing more than ever that Jesus only lived half of a human life.  His life was full, and he experienced the weakness of humanity.  But there are some areas of weakness I wish he had experienced so he could give us words of wisdom.

Jesus was a radical, protesting against the state, and giving relief to the outcast.  But I wish he had become an old radical, knowing what to do when his body no longer had the energy to sustain what he had begun.
Jesus was numbered with the transgressors, but I wish he had experienced being in prison long term to help us know how to deal with the criminals who are peers and criminals who are authorities.

Jesus  was always brilliant and wise and a great debater.  Sometimes I wish he had experienced mental illness to let us know what to do when our soul’s needs simply overwhelm us.

Jesus was completely innocent and without sin, so he could die for our sins.  But sometimes I wish he had been afflicted with an addiction so he could tell us how to overcome it.

Jesus was persecuted and had many enemies.  I wish he knew what it was like to have the most dangerous, destructive enemy be within him, to give us some wisdom there.

Jesus was harsh on hypocrites and kind to the sinners.  I wonder what he would say to the church people today who aren’t leaders, but who are sincerely wrong in their religious ideals?  Would he yell at them, or gently correct them or simply comfort them in their sorrows?

Jesus taught us to love.  What would he say to the people I know who consider “love” as a dirty word, a standard that is simply too high for them to reach?

Jesus’ dark night of the soul lasted for but a night.  And even then, angels silently came to minister to him. What if his dark night lasted for years, even decades?  What if the Father’s voice became silent? What if he stumbled blindly for years, attempting to love with whatever energy he had, but was no longer sure of his path, was no longer confident? If the only sure word we receive from others is how we are a liar, inadequate, a train wreck?  How can we follow where there is no path?

Father, give us light in the darkness
Give us wisdom for our ignorance
Give us hope in the chaos
Let us do the greater works that Jesus was unable to do

"Hard To Get" by Rich Mullins

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