Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Living Church

Do we want to see a revived church? Easy.
  • Every time a church staff works with a stranger, on the phone, online or in any way represents the church they should reflect the love that God has to all people.
  • Every time a pastor decides something for a church member, she should base it on this basis: "Does this reflect Jesus?"
  • Every time a new ministry is created, instead of the decision makers deciding for the church membership, they think of what would benefit the most needy of their broader community.
  • Every time a church board or denomination makes decisions for their church, they should consider, "Does this decision reflect the generous, embracing, sacrificial nature of God?"

We should be more concerned about helping the needy than the liability of helping the needy.
We should be more concerned about loving than about a balanced budget.We should be more concerned about taking chances for caring than our fears.
Then we will see our churches opened again, not just because people want to worship our God-- although they will-- but because they will be necessary, cornerstones of our communities.
Because what our communities need more than anything is a center of compassionate, generous, all-encompassing love.

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