Monday, August 31, 2015

Must We Suffer? Part 2

I don't believe in a government system based on selfishness, nor a system based on controlling authority. I don't believe in the will of the people nor in social contracts. 
I believe in a system of government that is founded on self sacrifice.

* * *
Jesus suffered for us, and calls us to suffer. That is how suffering ends. Suffering without a purpose is pointless. Suffering to give life is birth. 

Every mother suffers for the birth of her child. It would be deeply unfortunate if no one shared that suffering with her. Sure, there's no real reason for men to share that suffering with women...except to make our whole society more compassionate, more understanding of each other. The less we share in other's suffering, the poorer our world is. The more people involve themselves in other's suffering, the more that weight is shared and so the easier for all to bear.

Birth is a metaphor, but raising children is not. We must suffer to raise our children properly. Some of us must suffer for 18 years or more, if our child has a severe mental or physical illness, but we don't give up on them because we want to give them life. I know a woman (who is probably reading this) who is my hero because she has fibromyalgia and is raising her children, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. She loves them with the deepest love through her pain every day.

My strongest memory of my children... Yes the births, but more so the three months of colic of my first child. Sleepless nights, constant high pitched screaming, my wife a zombie and dealing with postpartum depression and we didn't have enough money for food some days. That was the most growing experience of my life. I would have done anything to end those days at the time. Now I know it was what I needed to grow up. I could have let my wife deal with it. (Although that would have been evil) and there were days I wanted to leave the baby alone, it was so extreme. But it was essential to me, I chose it and I'm so glad I did.

Real pain real suffering is usually unexpected. If we choose to turn away from suffering, we are poorer for it.

* * *
For those who are suffering from being outcast, the only way they are going to be delivered-- whether it be slaves, or the homeless or people who are targeted for genocide-- only the greatest sacrifice will deliver them. Yes, thousands can give food and clothes, but that won't help their condition. It won't stop them from being a target. It requires others to sacrifice for them, to be a target with them. It may even require dying for them. And if that's the case, to give and not receive, to be yelled at and even arrested, to even be killed so that some others might obtain freedom or rest, it's worth it. It's necessary. The world cannot improve without some people giving their whole selves over for the sake of those in the greatest of need. It's always been that way.

* * *

We live in a world which causes the poor to be poorer and those who suffer to suffer more. We live in a world in which the outcast cannot be heard.

There are some who are called to give more than they have in order to make it right. They give their whole lives so that some might live. They do labor so that others have the chance to rest.

But there comes a time when there is nothing left to give, even for those whom God called. They cannot give with any love, they suffer pains no one else can see. God will then lead them into a time of rest, like Elijah, completely exhausted from his labors, crying to God to kill him... God gave him a brook and a slight breeze that spoke to him.

There is a time to exhaust oneself, and a time to rest.

When those who sacrifice rest, there is space for others to take up their own sacrifice. 

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