Friday, July 3, 2015

A Declaration

In the course of human events, it becomes necessary for a people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another.  We hold these truths to be self evident: That every human being has been given a grace by God to live, to obtain their means of survival, to be free from unnecessary restraint and the ability to pursue love.  To secure these rights, government has been instituted among men, deriving their powers by the consent of those governed.  But when a government denies the life, freedom or ability to pursue love, then the government surrenders their right to govern.

The history of the present government of the United States of America is filled with crimes against their own founding documents and the grace of God to all people.
-They are imprisoning a large population of young black men for non-violent crimes.
-They are breaking the treaties made with other nations, not least the Native Americans of the land which the United States stole.
-They are mistreating and abusing their own poor citizens, denying their own ability to survive.
-They are punishing those who wish to love the homeless, the immigrant and the poor.
-They take away the homes of the vulnerable, forcing them to move away from the land they were raised in.
-They kill people of color throughout the world, both guilty and innocent without a fair trial, or even seeing the inside of a courtroom.

For these crimes and others, we the people have turned to the Supreme Judge and ask to be free from the oppression of this nation.

The God of love has therefore guided us to the Kingdom of God, ruled by the Christ Jesus.  If we would but immigrate to His kingdom, then we are promised the following government:
-To be completely forgiven of all punishments for the crimes of our former life under a government that caused us to act in prejudice and apathy;
-To be guided by a leader without guile or favoritism, but gives health and life and our basic needs to all;
-To be led by a law of love, and no other beside it;
-To give preference to the poor and oppressed, granting them favor;
-To live freely, as long as our freedom does not harm another.

We, therefore, deny our citizenship in any and all earthy nations, who have all pursued prejudice and oppression of the innocent, and pledge our allegiance to Christ Jesus and to the kingdom which he has established through his death and resurrection, in the hope of a world of peace and joy.

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