Sunday, May 25, 2014


When I was younger than I am today, I used to dream of owning a great house with many rooms. Each room would be decorated in a unique style and have their own purpose. 

There would be a music room, with cushions and bean bags and an expensive sound system with huge speakers and a collection of recorded music from over a hundred years. There would be a grand piano room, with chairs for recitals and light peach walls and a sky dome and when the piano was not in use, Chopin would be playing, for inspiration. There would be a room with no windows and no lights and it would just be painted black with a black chair in the center of it. There would be a prayer room with individual rugs and prayers painted upon the white walls and a window facing toward Jerusalem. There would be an interior garden with stained wooden shelves and two of the walls made of glass. But the most precious room would be the room of ideas.

In my house, there would be many rooms filled with books. A room of novels, another room of classics, a room for children’s literature and a room of historical works. The place of ideas, at the center of this large house, would be a library of books, art and music that are especially inspirational. These would be full of innovative concepts, ways of seeing the world in a sideways fashion, always challenging me, always re-fashioning my mind with spiritual, philosophical, aesthetic, and poetic innovation. And in the corner of this room would be a small writing desk, filled with scraps of paper and pens. That would be where I spent most of my time.

If you've read this far, tell me, if I gave you a room in my house to decorate or create in whatever way you wanted, what would that room look like and what would it be used for?

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