Saturday, July 13, 2013

An Apology from American Christians to Muslims

We are American Christians, whom some Muslims claim to be an enemy of submission to God.  And they have a right to, in some ways.

We have lived in the United States, but we recognize that our country of birth has done evil against you, and against all of Islam.  The United States has destroyed the rule of at least three Islamic states, and has attempted to put in their places governments that have no desire to do the will of God.  Some Americans have tortured Muslims for little or no cause, in opposition to their very own laws.  Some Americans have killed Muslims for little or no cause.  Many American Christians have blamed all of Islam for the evil of a few, although most Muslims would not agree with the death of innocents, and the military laws of Abu Bakr is opposed to such actions.  Some, perhaps most, American Christians characterize Islam as a religion of evil, bent on violence and torture, when Islam is simply the attempt to be fully submitted to God in word and deed.

However, Jesus is not like that.

All Christians claim to honor Jesus (whom the Qur’an calls Isa) as their teacher, prophet, Messiah and example.  And yet the actions of these Christians do not reflect the life or teaching of Jesus.  When Jesus was attacked by his enemies, he submitted to their torture and did not return torture to them.  Jesus told his people to do good to those who hate them and to love their enemies.  Jesus taught us to rely on God for His vengeance, and that we could depend on His justice. 

Most High God, Holy and Beneficent, we ask that you would have mercy on us for our sin.  We ask that you would make us like our Master and Teacher, Jesus, able to follow his way.  We pray that we would be more attentive to his teachings.

Our Muslim friends, we have failed in many ways.  We did not rebuke those who did evil in the name of Jesus.  We did not pray for the Muslim peoples of the world, asking for God’s help for them.  We did not love you as Jesus told us to.  

We oppose those who call themselves “followers of Jesus”, but kill and destroy and torture.  We separate ourselves from those who proclaim the God of Jesus and also declare orders to oppress the innocent.  We denounce the false prophets who announce that Muslims are killed rightly or that no son of Ishmael will stand right before God. 

Most High God, Merciful and Mighty, forgive us for our sins.  Forgive us for not acting and speaking like Jesus.  We have sinned before you and ask for a way for us to stand before you pure.

Even as many Muslims teach, Jesus himself declared that he would come to judge his people.  He said that when he comes, he will not accept everyone who call themselves “Christian” or who call him “Lord.”  Rather, he said that he will judge his people by what they do--  he will look at his people and if they have chosen not to obey his commands, given by God, then he will declare before God, “I never knew you.”  We live in this fear, both for ourselves and for our brothers.

Most High God, we do not want to see our brothers hated by Jesus.  We do not want to see them destroyed.  And so we ask that You would help them change their ways.  We pray that You would teach them to stop killing and hating Muslims, but to treat them as friends. 

May you be blessed and may the face of God shine upon you and grant you peace… yes, even peace from the hands of those who stand beside us and claim to be of Jesus.  We ask that you forgive us, and please have mercy upon us, even as God has mercy on us all.  May we all agree to live by this word: "Do not return evil for evil, but overcome evil with good."  May God help us all to do this.

If you are an American Christian and you agree with this, please post "Amen"

I welcome comments from Muslims as well. 


  1. ...Amen ..Outstanding Post,Steve. absolutely Outstanding.(mike)

  2. ..I feel like I need to offer an apology to the Author of this blog on behalf of all the Christians who should have responded positively this post,but didn't. (mike)